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 About Jenny Laurie

Art is not only Jenny’s passion, but also the foundation of her heritage. Every family passes down a mixture of traits to the next generation, and she was blessed to inherit a talented passion so powerful that the only explanation for its force is the collected years her family has spent cultivating their craft.


Growing up around artists, Jenny was encouraged to use her creativity as far as her imagination would go. She took to drawing without giving her doodles much thought. While studying graphic design her junior year in college, a paintbrush found its way into her hand, which resulted in a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. It not only changed the way she perceives life, but how she captures it artistically.


Jenny’s work is extremely versatile in interpretations of her subjects, enhanced by her unique vision, which embraces impressionistic emotion and luminous color elements bringing them to life.


Acrylic is her preferred medium due to its exceptional versatility and ability to adopt the characteristics of its competitors like oil and watercolor - while at the same time maintaining its own unique presence. Jenny strives to pair grounded, natural elements with the surreal and vivid nature of the untamed wilderness.  


Jenny believes inspiration is found in a heart that is set on fire. At a young age she developed a deep love of animals and nature. Her family has always owned dogs and horses and  for many generations, her family has loved visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons instilling a love of animals and nature. Stepping out of the city, her creativity can connect with wildlife and nature, which energizes her craft. It reaffirms her desire to express the majesty of forces greater than us, and reveal the beauty of maintaining a balance of reality while releasing your imagination.


Salt Lake Community College: Graphic Design 2010

University of Utah: Bachelor of Fine Arts 2013


Closer to the Sun, Gallery of Fine Art: Steamboat Springs, CO 2014

RAW Showcase: Salt Lake City, UT 2016

Ogden Arts Festival: Ogden, UT 2017

Millcreek Arts Festival: Millcreek, UT 2017

Jackson Hole Arts Festival: Jackson Hole, WY 2019

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